Grow your engagement by promoting your post

Share your tweet URL. Invite other Tweet For Kindness accounts to like and retweet your post, then watch as your engagement blows up with Likes and Retweets

Give Kindness to Get Kindness

There are two ways to be kind

Like and Retweet

Like and Retweet other posts so they get exposure

Share others’ tweets

Share other people’s tweets from your profile


Get inspiration for your next tweet

Simply filter the posts by Hashtags in your niche. You can sort it by popularity to get the most popular tweets in your niche. And you can filter it by submission date to get the latest tweets for your niche.

Growing your engagement has never been this easy!

It’s free and super easy to use. You can network with other people to build your brands together and build an awesome community around it.

Share your first tweet

Increase Brand Exposure and Engagement

Gain likes and retweets on your posts which increases your brand exposure and engagement. This also increases your followers as you reach more people with your posts.

This is all about you

The purpose behind Tweet For Kindness is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs like you to get more exposure on Twitter. Through Tweet For Kindness, we wanted to provide a free platform where small businesses and entrepreneurs can support each other. This is done by spreading kindness to each other through liking and retweeting each other’s tweets. That leads to an increase in each other’s reach, engagement, and followers.


How does it work?

When you share your Tweet to the Tweet For Kindness platform, it will be shared to other users. You can invite or tell them about the tweet so they can Like and Retweet the post. This increases your brand awareness, engagement and followers as your tweet reaches more people.

Promote your post before it gets lost

With an average lifespan of a tweet of 18 minutes, it is crucial that you get as much engagement as possible with your tweet in the first hour of posting. After that, your tweet will get lost somewhere in the pool of tweets by other people.

With Tweet For Kindness, you can have the opportunity to put your tweets in front of people after you post it. This is a great way to double your organic reach and reach more potential followers for your account.

Share your first tweet